Request for Quote (RFQ) - “Developing Occupational Map” for E-Commerce, Supply Chain Project Solutions and Inland Waterways segments


Logistics Skills council

CII along with National Skill Development Corporation, would set up a Logistics Sector Skill council to address these issues through a structured skill development program with the following objectives.

1. Increase the Awareness
2. Create an Investing Environment
3. Formulate a Skill development Solution
4. To be the authoritative voice on Skill Development

Through this initiative, over 40 lakh logistics workers are to be trained and certified by the SSC in the next ten years.

We have identified 8 areas that come under this logistics Sector. They are:

1. Material Handling Equipment
2. Warehouse Operations
3. Cranes/ Heavy equipment
4. Container Stuffing/ Destuffing
5. Port Operations /CFS
6. Packaging
7. Trucking Operations
8. Express delivery services (Couriers)

We have identified 64 job roles coming under these areas.
The broad activities and the deliverables are as follows:
• Develop national level curriculum for above mentioned sectors
• Develop labour market information systems (LMIS) and to facilitate establishing skill centers to meet the demand
• Affiliation of skill centers
• Facilitate developing Trainers and assessors for enabling skill centers to maintain quality
• Certifying the students passed out of the training centers.
• Create Awareness and build SSC brand value in Logistics sector.