Request for Quote (RFQ) - “Developing Occupational Map” for E-Commerce, Supply Chain Project Solutions and Inland Waterways segments



CEO vacancy

• People management skills
• Analytical Skills
• Probing Skills
• Domain Expertise / SME / Industry knowledge of the chosen domain
• Understanding training and business
• Strategic thinking
• Effective decision making
• Team work
• Achievement orientation

Educational Qualification

Postgraduate/Graduate in Business Management

Experience (no. of years & kind)

15+  Years of Industry experience and having worked on large projects at the Regional / GM Level with an in depth demonstrated understanding of skill development

Role Purpose

The role is to lead the LSC towards achieving customer satisfaction and business goals


Responsibility Areas

Financial Customer

• Create and manage the budget-functional & operational

• Help business improvement by providing the appropriate skill development solution to industry players
• Support Governing Council by adhering to SLAs and project milestones


• To align with the business and create a skill development strategy , that would positively impact business metrics
• To support research on the current requirement of skill development in the industry, review the supply of skilled personnel, identify shortfall in numbers and skill sets, identify trends and future requirements and benchmark international practices
• To help improve the training delivery system, develop and update training modules and impart training to trainers, institutes, and existing industry employees
• To assist in conduct of Train the trainer program by getting the competency matrix for the training need validated by the business
• Oversee creation of the content based on the training need and get sign off from the business
• To get industry stakeholder engagement through signing of MOUs
• To keep up with developments in terms of best in class across industries and the business.
• To educate the team members about the various processes and practices of the business

People Development

• To map the competency of the team members and develop capabilities in terms of business development and training skills
• Increase the capability of team in research and creation of the right solution by coaching and mentoring.

Key Performance Indicators

• Creating a skill development strategy that is aligned to the business strategy
• Acknowledgement from business on the impact of skill development on business outcomes
• Improvement in product expansion
• Meeting business goals and SLAs from NSDC

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