Request for Quote (RFQ) - “Developing Occupational Map” for E-Commerce, Supply Chain Project Solutions and Inland Waterways segments



Benefits of affiliation

LSC by way of Affiliation will give access to the affiliating partners to a variety of benefits, such as:

• Alignment of training to NVEQF/NVQF/NSQF leading to equivalence with educational degrees, diplomas and certifications.
• Ratification of NOS based curriculum
• Access to Master Trainers of the SSC and certification of the trainers of the affiliating training provider.
• Facilitate On the Job Training (OJT) and / or Placements of the affiliating partner trainees
• Assessment of trainees on NOS based curriculum
• Industry recognized certification of the successful trainees
• Participation in Government led programs at institutional and state level, aligned to NVEQF/ NVQF/ NSQF
• Access to the reports on the Sectoral Researches conducted by the SSC
• Participation in the various Sector Specific Seminars
• Access to International bodies available in similar space